How to Design and Make Beaded Jewelry

If you are a fashion artist, enthusiast or just someone who loves jewelry, then you should discover your talent in yourself by creating your own beaded jewelry. Your new talent will not win any contest price but it will give you lots of enjoyment and number of custom made jewelry.

  1. Get your tools and materials. Decide which type of jewelry you want to made such as earrings, bracelet or necklace. You can discover your talent by trying new materials.
  2. Take your beads and design. When taking beads, prefer styles and colors that mix well together, and with your materials. For example, generally stylist crystal beads don’t look nice on a hemp necklace. And when paired with a gold chain, big wooden beads don’t look nice. You can get idea for designing jewelry from online, store jewelry or reading a beading book. Here are some necklace styles that you can create.
  • Simple strand: This necklace is one piece with beads along with full length, kept with a clasp or designed on flexible string.
  • Multi strand: This necklace has more than one strand, connected in the back by a clasp. Some of them are made from big, chunky beads and are only a two strands, while others are made of a dozens strands of tiny seed beads.
  • Pendent: This necklace has minimum one strand of beads, thread or plain wire, with a pendant hanging from the middle.

If you want to buy beaded jewelry contact desire jewel, they are one of the best manufacturers and exporters of beaded jewelry.


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