Gold and Diamond Jewelry Designs for Every Occasion

Diamond is the woman’s best friend and gold as well. Both the yellow metal and shining gem exhibit their best when designed into ornaments and taking a glimpse will only leave you enchanted and speechless. It is not only traditional or antique jewelry designs but also modern, especially those that are in fashion and change with the trend, that are similarly the trend every occasion, every season. What you wear should well suit the occasion regardless of whether you are at a wedding occasion, in the office, at home, at a corporate party and the list goes on. “Feeling proud in the crowd” is what a female aristocracy prefers when wearing their chosen diamond or gold jewelry designs. This can be done with an outstanding collection, one that is a feast for the eyes and jealousy of one and all.

Various regions in India have their unique designs and works well demonstrated in the yellow metal. If in the south, the temple art that is crafted, it is etched designs in different elements that is decorated in the north, beaded work in the east and stoned and mirrored work in the west. You will find simple carvings of gold jewelry designs common in all of the regions. Design strategies do vary from one set to another. Meena, Kundan, Filigree are the mostly found designs. If semi precious and precious stones like glass and oxidized metals increase the attractiveness of certain gold jewelry designs in kundan, metallic designs in wonderful bright colors well expose meenakari work. Instant designing with thin wires is the specialty related with filigree work. When we talk about diamond jewelry designs, it is the shining precious stone that add beauty to the base metal irrespective of whether it is platinum or gold.

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