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Some words about Artificial Jewelry

Artificial jewelry is the latest trend throughout the world in the fashion industry. These items represent a stylist and unique range of fashion accessories. Artificial jewelry come in lots of forms like Victorian, polky, oxidized/white jewelry, silver based, gold plated jewelry and many more. I am a big fan of some artificial jewelry such as rings, danglers, glass pendants, necklace, earrings, bangles, bracelet etc. These kinds of jewelry are used on various functions and occasions.

Artificial jewelry is famous among the teenage girls, who love to look best in any occasion. These jewelries are made from the materials like plastic, leather, titanium etc. To make artificial jewelry more attractive gemstones are utilized. Opal, amber, jade etc. are various types of gemstones that used to make artificial jewelry. One of the reasons of the artificial jewelry that attract me is that they are very comfortable to wear. You can find artificial jewelry in any market and get various collections of designs and patterns. You can also get jewelry from online shops. Anyone can purchase these jewelries; you can get finest collection in it at affordable rate.

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Imitation Jewelry – Stylist yet affordable

Gold price going to high level day by day at that time people use to wear imitation jewelry. Jewelry is the one of the things that every woman wants in their life. In present day, a large variety of jewelry is available at every price point. Every online shop provides a choice of styles, designs and sizes, so that all women can feel stylist, no matter their budget.

The most popular and precious types of jewelry have usually been made from gold and silver. Precious metals don’t just impress the eye, but also they are real valuable items that are beautiful also. While diamond, gold and silver are amazing, they are most expensive accessories. Today, every woman like to look gorgeous, but everyone can not afford gold and diamond. That’s why imitation jewelry is famous choice for many women.

In last few years, the trend of imitation jewelry has grown continuously and gain critical recognition. It can afford by everyone and made a sense of equality among the women. Nobody can find who is wearing imitation jewelry and who is wearing the original. For modern women who have interest for fashion, buying imitation jewelry is the great way to accessorize on budget. Imitation jewelry permits you to buy a variety of trendy jewelries to match with your outfits. Unique accessories can increase your status and may be a source of attraction of many people towards you.


Learn more about Costume Jewelry

Every woman needs a good collection of jewelry like pendants, earrings, necklace and bracelet in a low cost. For that costume jewelry is the best option. You can get variety of rich collection in costume jewelry in affordable cost. It is made out of different materials such as glass beads, semi precious metal, kundan, metal, silver etc. Price is depending on the metals used to make costume jewelry. It has vast array of designs and styles.

For adding the royal touch antique costume jewelry is also available. In India huge amount of money is spending on buying wedding costume jewelry. For that you can go with the antique costume jewelry, which comes in affordable rates. It is unique and extraordinary in style. Cheap costume jewelry can use in various functions for work, for party, for a lunch out with friends or for travel. In market all types of costume jewelry are available and you can also buy it from online. Check out some websites, compare price and you can buy it online and get home delivery.

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Imitation Jewelry – For Making a Unique Style Statement

If you want to successful in your life then you have to make sure that you are well dress and aside from the crowd. In today’s life, your good look is very essential part. To make unique style statement, jewelry can certainly help you. If you like to wear India clothes, you can select from a variety of meena jewelry, polka jewelry and many more that charms to your traditional self. Nowadays, people like to mix and match western clothing with some antique Indian imitation jewelry.

You will get all kinds of imitation jewelry online by click of few buttons. You have to prefer good website for buying imitation jewelry online. You have to look number of websites before buying jewelry and see that which kind of jewelry they offer such as polka jewelry, American diamond jewelry, meena jewelry.

Jewelry is the best gift for your girlfriend or wife because it makes the angriest women happy. Today, numbers of people are shopping imitation jewelry online and you should to. It is really a best way to make your loved ones happy. Pamper yourself and love yourself by getting your hands on the coolest imitation jewelry that can lift up your mood, make your heart sing and make you look good.

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Gold and Diamond Jewelry Designs for Every Occasion

Diamond is the woman’s best friend and gold as well. Both the yellow metal and shining gem exhibit their best when designed into ornaments and taking a glimpse will only leave you enchanted and speechless. It is not only traditional or antique jewelry designs but also modern, especially those that are in fashion and change with the trend, that are similarly the trend every occasion, every season. What you wear should well suit the occasion regardless of whether you are at a wedding occasion, in the office, at home, at a corporate party and the list goes on. “Feeling proud in the crowd” is what a female aristocracy prefers when wearing their chosen diamond or gold jewelry designs. This can be done with an outstanding collection, one that is a feast for the eyes and jealousy of one and all.

Various regions in India have their unique designs and works well demonstrated in the yellow metal. If in the south, the temple art that is crafted, it is etched designs in different elements that is decorated in the north, beaded work in the east and stoned and mirrored work in the west. You will find simple carvings of gold jewelry designs common in all of the regions. Design strategies do vary from one set to another. Meena, Kundan, Filigree are the mostly found designs. If semi precious and precious stones like glass and oxidized metals increase the attractiveness of certain gold jewelry designs in kundan, metallic designs in wonderful bright colors well expose meenakari work. Instant designing with thin wires is the specialty related with filigree work. When we talk about diamond jewelry designs, it is the shining precious stone that add beauty to the base metal irrespective of whether it is platinum or gold.

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Indian Antique Jewelry

The jewelry which cannot be imitated or copied and has its own character is known as Antique jewelry. This type of jewelry cant available in any normal jewelry shop or departmental store, generally it can be found in exclusive boutiques, antique dealer stores and in big auction houses. These are the more efficient places from where you can get antique jewelry. Though there are many online stores and websites which sell this type of jewelry; it is best to be careful. Because sometimes the antique jewelry being sold is actually not an original. And also you had charged an excessive cost for a piece that is not that much expensive.

In lots of cases antique jewelry has also been passed down from one generation to another and is a part of family properties. Some antique jewelry can really be very expensive and a real collectors item.

Only a simple piece of antique jewelry can highly increase your all over appearance, add a sophisticated charm to your whole personality. This jewelry can easily catch the attention and can being the central point of any conversation. Antique jewelry’s value is an increase with time is one of the best things about it. In reality some of the pieces are precious collector’s item and can bring vast sums of money.

Antique jewelry is a amazing thing to purchase for yourself, a wonderful property and also great to gift some one special in your life. Whether it is your mother, sister, wife or girl friend, is that present which allows the person know how much the mean to you.

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How to Design and Make Beaded Jewelry

If you are a fashion artist, enthusiast or just someone who loves jewelry, then you should discover your talent in yourself by creating your own beaded jewelry. Your new talent will not win any contest price but it will give you lots of enjoyment and number of custom made jewelry.

  1. Get your tools and materials. Decide which type of jewelry you want to made such as earrings, bracelet or necklace. You can discover your talent by trying new materials.
  2. Take your beads and design. When taking beads, prefer styles and colors that mix well together, and with your materials. For example, generally stylist crystal beads don’t look nice on a hemp necklace. And when paired with a gold chain, big wooden beads don’t look nice. You can get idea for designing jewelry from online, store jewelry or reading a beading book. Here are some necklace styles that you can create.
  • Simple strand: This necklace is one piece with beads along with full length, kept with a clasp or designed on flexible string.
  • Multi strand: This necklace has more than one strand, connected in the back by a clasp. Some of them are made from big, chunky beads and are only a two strands, while others are made of a dozens strands of tiny seed beads.
  • Pendent: This necklace has minimum one strand of beads, thread or plain wire, with a pendant hanging from the middle.

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